By the way, if you want to have a multi account with Amazon export, it is a talk of how to do it, but first let’s ask Amazon to get permission. For inquiries, please email support. If permission goes down, you will be able to create multiple accounts, but there are conditions to create multiple accounts. that is,

· The account is in good condition
· E-mail address and bank account must be different for
each account · Do not list the same item for each account

that’s all.

From personal information to exhibited items, it is the point that “Do not make it the same”
anyway .
Amazon box
Can we create multiple bank accounts?

Becoming a bottle of Amazon exports is to acquire the second bank account, but
if you apply as a special case on a premise that there is permission from Amazon on a premise that it is a payment from Amazon, it will be
approved after the judging process There is a case.

Well, I think that it is meaningful that there is a meaning to have a multi account in the Amazon export so far, so I think whether the
basic is one account!

If you need a multi account for any occasion,
please remember this article by all means! Lol